Hello Readers,

My name is KG and I am a young professional with a good corporate job. At this stage in my life, I’m aspiring to be better; better at my job, better with my personal and professional brand, better with my personal finances, ultimately better myself as a human being. This is the inspiration behind Secondhand Success.

Since I haven’t exactly found my footing in my professional career, or as an adult for that matter, I figured why not learn from those who have come before me and succeeded. As I am currently trying to establish what my vision of success looks like, it would benefit me to learn from the people who have ascended the proverbial “mountain of success.”

In this blog you will read about.

  1. Success stories from business titans, accomplished athletes, world leaders, pioneers of the technology space, inventors, revolutionaries, dreamers, and award winning artists.
  2. The strategies, best practices, lessons, and habits that these successful people utilized throughout their journey to achieving success.
  3. My experiences and the experiences of others who implement the strategies and lessons of successful people into our everyday lives and their impact on us, for better or worse.

What is success ?

The technical definition of “success” is:

noun: success; plural noun: successes
1. the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

As you can see from the definition, success is relative. There is no specific metric, goal, aim or purpose that is associated with success. In our society, success has been used to imply being rich and wealthy, winning championships, or receiving awards.

My goal for Secondhand Success is to empower YOU with your own definition of success and take action towards achieving it.

The information is out there, and people love sharing stories about themselves. Let’s learn from those who have come before us and create our own habits and strategies along the way!

Thanks for dropping by,