sec·ond·hand  /ˌsekəndˈhand/ adjective

(of information or experience) accepted on another’s authority and not from original investigation.

i.e.”secondhand knowledge of her country”


What is “Second-Hand Success”?

Every successful person has a story. They embarked upon a journey to win a Championship, innovate the world, lead a country, start a brand and even pioneer an advancement in technology. Ultimately they aspired to achieve a goal and fulfill a dream. While each successful person had their own unique pathway to success, there are two commonalities between all success stories. The first being obstacles; along the way, individuals encountered a variety of setbacks that tested their fortitude and further reinforced their desire to obtain their objective. Secondly, each person had their own set of skills, strategies, ideas and plans to blaze their path to success.

Given these two ingredients, the recollection of an individual’s journey to success makes for a great story filled with lessons, character development, strategies, and ideas that audience members can learn about and apply in their own lives. This is what exactly what “Second-Hand Success” is all about. It will be stories of successful people from books, blogs, interviews, articles, and podcasts.

The lessons from these trips down memory lane will be shared within this blog. Additionally, I will be implementing some of the strategies I pick up along the way. Some of the methods to success will be useful; others won’t. Either way, I will be providing my “First-Hand” experience to “Second-Hand Success” stories I discover from research.